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Every Credit Matters

RAM CreditSCAN Quick Score is an automated service for the credit risk ranking of non-financial companies, based on publicly available financial information. The result is delivered in a concise report.

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The key to success requires not only the right information, but also the ability to take calculated risks.

Key Features

What we offer

Credit risk assessment based on established RAM methodologies
Peer benchmarking to its main- & sub-sectors
On-demand names. Entity selections can be tailored to suit your needs
Quick turnaround. Available on-demand or 1-3 days per entity

Why RAM CreditSCAN ?

It’s fast and easy!

Independent & trusted opinion to supplement your internal risk management
Analysis driven by comprehensive database & benchmarks
Concise, easy-to-understand report
Customised coverage of companies to suit your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RAM CreditSCAN?

    RAM CreditSCAN is a general credit assessment (GCA) of a company’s relative credit risk ranking and capacity to meet general financial obligations. The service is offered by RAM Rating Services Berhad (RAM), the leading rating agency and financial services company in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

  • Who is RAM?

    RAM is accredited and regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Established in 1990, RAM has rated over USD450 billion of bonds across various sectors in corporate, bank, project finance, Islamic finance and structured finance. The company also provides economic and industry research and data analytics services to clients.
    For more information, visit and .

  • What is RAM CreditSCAN Quick Score?

    The RAM CreditSCAN service is offered in two variants, i.e. RAM CreditSCAN which is a bespoke service that comes with an analyst assessment and comprehensive report while RAM CreditSCAN Quick Score (RAM Quick Score) is an automated service with standard 1-page report.
    RAM Quick Score is an automatic model-generated assessment derived from publicly available historical financial information only. It does not consider other non-quantifiable factors such as a company’s business or management performance. It is useful as a quick or high-level indicator of risk. The list of available RAM Quick Score reports can be found here.

  • How is RAM Quick Score expressed?

    It is expressed on seven main grades from “aaa” (best) to “c” (worst)
    RAM Quick Score rating
    Ability to meet financial obligations
    Strong *
    Adequate *
    Moderate *
    Weak *
    Very Weak
    High likelihood of defaulting

  • Benefits of RAM Quick Score?

    Users of RAM Quick Score will get a high-level insight into a company’s credit or financial risk. This will guide them in business or strategic decisions with the company being assessed, whether as business owners, investors, creditors or business associates. Users who need an in-depth analysis of the company may contact RAM for a comprehensive RAM CreditSCAN report.

  • How reliable is RAM Quick Score?

    The Gini Coefficient is a statistic that measures how well a rating predicts a borrower/loan default. A Gini >60% indicates strong ability to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ credits. As a rating agency, RAM’s rating performance has consistently achieved a Gini of 70% as at end-2021. RAM Quick Score is built on the same robust methodology that anchors this performance.

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