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 How it works:

Step 1: A series of dynamic questions are presented, which will be generated based on the applicant’s actual credit file information and active CCRIS facilities.

How Knowledge-Based Authentication works
Step 2: Responses from the applicant are checked against known answers to confirm the identity of the person.
Examples of questions that may be asked are “Do you have a car loan with ABC bank?” or “Do you have a PTPTN study loan?”

How Knowledge-Based Authentication works

 CTOS Digital Identity Verification Solutions

Document & ID Holder Verification

A government-issued identification document is scanned and verified, then a facial image is extracted from the document and matched against a new, real-life captured image of the applicant.

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Bureau-file Verification

Information extracted from an official identification document is checked against existing CTOS data for mismatches

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Knowledge-Based Authentication

Applicants are given a series of dynamic questions, based on actual credit file information and active CCRIS facilities

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